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    This new Shelley D. Park Fallen Vega Cylinder Guitar is a 12 Fret in Walnut/Lutz Spruce with Rosewood binding. Styled after the vintage Vega Cylinder Guitars, this guitar has a cylinder back and a flattened top, giving it a unique, boisterous and well-defined tone! Each string has exceptional clarity.

    Shelley D. Park is a local North Vancouver luthier with a world-wide reputation for her exquisite work. She studied under Michael Dunn, then paid her dues first with Jean Larrivee and then David Webber. Her finishing work and attention to detail is second to none.

    Shelley D. Park Fallen Vega Cylinder Guitar
    Walnut/Lutz Spruce
    Rosewood Binding
    Walnut neck
    Nut Width: Zero Fret 1 3/4" 
    Scale Length: 640 mm
    12 Frets

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