• SOLD - 2013 Michael Dunn Picasso's Blue Guitar

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    Styled after Picasso's Blue Guitar, Michael Dunn's Picasso's Blue Guitar is a 12 Fret Parlour guitar with Flamed Maple back and sides, a 40 year old Douglas Fir top from wood that washed up on New Brighton Beach in Vancouver, Ebony top inlay, and slight 1/2" Fan Fret. 

    Michael based the body shape on a Rodriguez Classical Guitar, which he then made asymmetrical in the spirit of Picasso. This is an exceptional little guitar that is very focussed in the mids, yet dark: crisp and punchy with a lot of volume.

    Here's Michael playing this very special guitar:

    Michael Dunn's Picasso's Blue Guitar

    Flamed Maple/Douglas Fir
    Nut width: 1 7/8"
    Scale length: Bass - 25.5"   Treble - 25"
    Lower Bout Width: 14"
    Body Depth: 3 7/8"
    Fan Fret
    Ebony binding and inlay
    Sperzel Tuners
    Includes: Deluxe Hardshell Case

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