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    2009 Bugatti Parlor Guitar handbuilt by Master Luthier Michael Dunn 

    This spectacular 12 Fret Parlor is styled after the 1934 Model 57 Bugatti car with Ebony and Satinwood back and sides, and a Yellow Cedar top. Deep, warm tone - a truly exceptional guitar tonally and visually.

    Watch the demo of this guitar with Eric Bibb!

    Michael Dunn Bugatti Guitar
    Ebony and Satinwood back and sides/Yellow Cedar
    Nut width: 1 13/16"
    Scale length: 25.5"
    Body width: 13 7/8"
    Body depth: 3 7/8"
    Scalloped Nut
    Brass Bridge Pins
    Two piece sides
    Spanish Cedar neck
    Sperzel Tuners
    Gold Alloy Frets
    Includes: Deluxe Hardshell Case

    From Michael Dunn: This is a steel string guitar that North Americans would call a "Parlour guitar" that is somewhat smaller than the full size instrument usually is. The back and sides are made of Ebony ( black wood) and Brazilian Satinwood ( yellow wood) The soundboard is made of Yellow Cedar sometimes called Alaskan Cypress. It has a Mahogany neck and an Ebony fingerboard.

    Overall length................98 cm.
    Lower bout.....................35 cm.
    Upper bout..................26.5 cm
    Width at nut...................47 mm
    Depth..........................102 mm
    String Length.............640 mm

    The headplate and bridge ends are plated with a very thin layer of engine turned brass. This is very thin and does not in any way affect the sound of the instrument by adding too much weight. The position markers are also engine turned brass.

    The soundhole is of course in the shape of the usual Bugatti grille and has a stainless steel screen grill with an ebony frame. The side listening port also has a stainless screen. The port is there so that the player can also hear some of the sound of the guitar. Normally the player's head is in the worst position to hear the sound of the guitar . This port in no way lessens the sound emanating off the front of the guitar.

    The sound will satisfy the most discerning of guitarists. It is loud and has great projection as well as having a very good balance from the lowest notes to the highest ones.

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