• 2016 Michael Baranik Meridian Concert - USED


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    2016 Michael Baranik Meridian Concert Guitar in Mint Condition!

    This is an impeccably versatile piece of art. Oh right, it’s a guitar! Mike Baranik aims to have all of his guitars suitable for various playing styles and he certainly met that goal with this Meridian Concert. One of the neat features of this guitar is the adjustable neck. With just an allen key you can adjust the action while the string tension is still there without having to bring it in for a set up. Sonically, it carries a beautiful dark end which is attributed to the African Blackwood back and sides while still having rich overtones. It has a small soundport on the upper bout so the player gets a clear idea of the overall sound- which we find to have clear definition across all the strings. It has perfect definition for fingerstyle and still can support balanced chords when strummed. The venetian cutaway is perfectly suited to the style. It takes a minute of closer inspection to realize the dedication to subtle detail Mike used. You’ll find turquoise, gold, and a gorgeous rosette.

    African Blackwood / Colorado Blue Spruce
    Nut: 1 3/4"
    Scale: 25.2" (640mm)
    Saddle Spacing: 2 1/4"
    Lower Bout: 15 1/2"
    Depth: 4"
    Handcrafted in California

    Includes: Hardshell Case

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