• SOLD - Limited Edition Bluedog Howling Wolf Composite Acoustics Cargo Guitar in Seafoam Green - NEW

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    Every guitarist needs a tough little guitar that they don't have to worry about to accompany them on life's adventures..

    Limited Edition Bluedog Howling Wolf Composite Acoustics Cargo Guitar with pick-up in Seafoam Green or Sonic Blue! Our first run of Limited Edition Bluedog Howling Wolf Cargo Guitars a few years ago was in the standard CA colours: Red, Blue, White and Wineburst - and sold out quickly. For our new run, we've partnered with CA to create two unique colours never offered before on a Cargo guitar - and with the Bluedog Howling Wolf exposed in the Carbon Fibre! The new colours - Seafoam Green and Sonic Blue - are an homage to the classic Fender colours from the 60s. 

    Also available in the larger 'Cargo on Steroids' Xi size.

    This very small-body guitar has a lot of bonuses: the new Composite Acoustics Cargo Guitar with pick-up is tough as nails, a lot of fun to play, and really comfortable too! It has a lot of bass for such a small guitar - great for a rock and roll gig! Impervious to heat, cold or humidity, the carbon fibre construction makes this the ultimate travel guitar. Run it through a tube amp to overdrive it like an electric guitar (the slim profile neck feels very electric, too), or through an acoustic amp for a clean, acoustic tone. Or just take it camping with you!

    Another big benefit of this little guitar is the short 22.75" scale length that makes playing this guitar incredibly easy!

    Composite Acoustics Cargo Guitar
    All Carbon Fibre Construction
    Nut Width: 1 3/4"
    Lower Bout Width: 13 1/4"
    Body Depth: 3.685"
    Scale Length: 22.75"
    LR Baggs Active Element Pick-up
    Includes: Gig Bag (small enough to throw in the overhead on an airplane!)

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