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    SOLD to Armen in Norway!

    Bluedog Guitars is very proud to announce that we are the first (and only) shop in Canada to carry Kevin Ryan Guitars! This is our fourth new Kevin Ryan Guitars Nightingale Grand Soloist, and it features East Indian Rosewood with a master Grade Sitka Spruce top, a Venetian Cutaway, the Ryan Ergonomic Bevel with Acoustic Flutes, and Art Deco 12th Fret Fretboard Inlay.

    This Nightingale Grand Soloist includes the low-profile neck, EO bracing, the Ryan Acoustic Honeycomb, Ebony bevel and flutes, titanium bridge pins, the Ryan Micro-Adjustable truss rod system, and A4 kerfing. 

    The Nightingale offers the baritone bass and powerful richness of a much larger guitar while preserving the sparkling trebles and crisp mid-range usually associated with Grand Concert style guitars. To achieve the Nightingale's powerful bass and lower mid-range, it was designed with a deep body to complement its 16" lower bout, a fingerstyle scale-length, an arched back and a forward waist placement higher up on the the guitar than is usual. Its mid-range and trebles, on the other had, are largely the result of its EO Bracing, Acoustic Parallel Plate, fingerstyle scale, an advanced bridge design and even the Ryan Bevel. Together these elements create a steel-string instrument that plays, looks, feels and sounds like no other guitar in the world.

    Kevin's mad engineering genius may only be surpassed by his creativity and ingenuity in the workshop: we strongly suggest you take a look inside his guitar if you come by to play it! 

    Kevin Ryan Guitars Nightingale Grand Soloist
    East Indian Rosewood/Master Grade Sitka Spruce
    Nut Width: 1 3/4"
    Scale Length: 25.7"
    Lower Bout Width: 16"
    Body Depth: 4.8"
    Venetian Cutaway
    Ebony Bevel 
    Acoustic Flutes
    EO Bracing
    Slim Profile Neck
    Black-White-Black Purfling
    Art Deco 12th Fret Fretboard Inlay
    Includes: Deluxe Hardshell Case

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