• Huss And Dalton TD-M Sinker Mahogany / Thermo-Cured Red Spruce Adirondack


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    Huss and Dalton TD-M
    Sinker Mahogany / Thermo-Cured Red Spruce Adirondack
    Nut: 1-23/32"
    Scale: 25.4"
    Saddle Spacing: 2-7/32"
    Lower Bout: 15-1/2"
    Depth: 4-7/8"

    The Traditional Dreadnought from Huss & Dalton is the kind of flat-top guitar that "brings the best of the past to the requirements of the future". In the case of this Custom model the bar has been raised even higher, combining Thermo-Cured red adirondack with sinker mahogany to produce the expected warm, balanced tonal spectrum, enhanced by the aged tone and increased head-room of the torrified spruce top, and the darker complexity afforded by mahogany that was submerged for the better part of a century. As with all Huss & Dalton's, the unique construction they use to attach the guitar neck to the soundbox provides a degree of "muscle" to the string tension that creates power without sacrificing playability.
    This guitar has all the mid-range shimmer to comfortably support a vocalist or let loose with low register single line growl or high end sparkle. 

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