• * Lowden Guitar Belly Bodyguard by Bluedog Guitars


    George Lowden Approved Lowden Belly Bodyguard! 

    Protect your Lowden Guitar from scratches during string changes with this Bluedog Guitars designed suede Lowden Belly Bodyguard! We've seen damage to the top of almost every used Lowden Guitar that has come into the shop from the ball ends dragging below the bridge during string changes, so we created this Lowden Belly Bodyguard to prevent damage and protect your Lowden. 

    One size fits all Lowden Guitars - from Wee to S to F to O size! (And even kind of fits the Lowden Fan Fret - may need a bit of a trim for a perfect Fan Fret fit.)

    The Lowden Belly Bodyguard is FREE when you buy a Lowden Guitar from Bluedog Guitars. 
    Check out the new Classical Guitar Belly Bodyguard too!

    Ships worldwide via Canada Post for $10 CAD. 

    Made in Canada!