• AER Tommy Emmanuel Signature Compact 60 TE Amplifier - NEW

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    AER Compact 60 TE Acoustic Amplifier is Tommy Emmanuel's Signature amplifier - similar to the AER Compact 60/3 but with very special modifications: 

    • The internal effects include Tommy's signature Alesis Midiverb II effect (reverb/delay) on board in the effects section
    • Effects go thru to the DI-Out
    • Aboriginal snake art carved in one side, with TE initials and CGP (Certified Guitar Player) designation carved in the other 

    This is the cleanest sounding acoustic amp available for professional use. Easily transportable in its own carrying bag, the Compact Slope has on-board effects and capacity for external effects as well. 

    • 8" twin-cone speaker
    • 2 channels, 2 inputs 
    • 14.3 lbs (6.5 kg)
    • Includes padded gig bag with signature strap