• 2017 Jeff Letain Archtop 'Blue Denim'


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    2017 Jeff Letain Archtop 'Blue Denim'

    What Jeff has to say about his guitar: 
    I wanted a denim look to this top; I stained the top black, and sanded away the areas where the blue needed to be. After finishing the blue stain, I sanded the top again to “wear off” the colour and construct the faded denim look. To jazz up the yellow cedar back, sides and neck, I added some Bronze powder to the finish. When I put on the clear coats, a bit of the bronze powder was still in the gun, which produced fleck on the dark top, creating a sparkle - a happy accident. I chose the quilted maple for the tailpiece, finger rest, finger board binding and headstock veneer to give the guitar a flavour from another era, with the Snake Head headstock and the Art Nouveau shape of the Tailpiece and Finger rest, which have a similar treatment of stain as the top.

    More and more, I like to use local woods like I did on this guitar, except for the Ebony Bridge and Fingerboard.

    I chose the Schaller vintage copper tuners to add to the effect.

    The guitar has great response, making it a delight to play. The Yellow cedar back sides and neck help to give it a classic "Warm Jazz Tone”.

    Engleman Spruce Top

    Yellow Cedar, back, sides & neck

    Quilted maple, headstock veneer, fingerrest, bindings & tailpiece

    Ebony fretboard & bridge

    Schaller tuners

    Benedetto floating pickup with volume and tone controls under the pick guard

    Letain signature  mother of pearl fret markers

    1 3/4” /  45mm nut

    25” /  635mm scale length

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