• SOLD - 2014 Jason Romero Banjos Resonator Guitar in Claro Walnut - USED


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    SOLD to Richie!

    2014 Jason Romero Banjos Resonator Guitar in Claro Walnut just arrived at Bluedog Guitars - this 14 fret, round neck, wood-bodied, biscuit cone resonator guitar is in Mint Condition. Handbuilt in Horsefly, BC.

    Jason hasn't been able to re-tool to build resonators since the fire, and as his wait list for banjos is 5 years, it will be a very long time till he is able to build another resonator.

    • 14 frets to the body
    • Ebony fingerboard and peghead overlay
    • Top: 1/4"; Back: 3/16"; 20ª radius
    • Body: 3 1/2" deep
    • Upper bout: 10 1/8" wide; Lower bout: 14 1/8" wide
    • Baltic birch / rosewood soundwell
    • Brass National coverplate, tailpiece and cone
    • Romero submerged maple biscuit
    • Waverly tuners
    • Custom designed F-holes
    • Brass plate inset into fingerboard over the body: Fingerboards are traditionally screwed to the top on these guitars, and rather than hide that construction we have used it as a design feature.

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