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    2014 Gibson DG-335 Inspired By Dave Grohl Signature Model in Excellent condition except for slight discolouration on the back of the headstock from hanging in a guitar hanger, and a tiny 1/2 cm lacquer check on the F-hole. This is the 2014 release in the "Inspired By" series. This guitar is #104 of 200.

    The Grohl 335 has its roots in the guitar of another legendary Gibson signature artist, Trini Lopez. Lopez had his more jazz-leaning Deluxe model first in the '60s, but then came the Trini Lopez Standard for a more rock 'n' roll vibe. “I gave Gibson all the ideas I liked – the diamond fret-markers, the diamond f-holes, the headstock...” Lopez told Gibson.com. It's all still there on the Grohl ES-335, a unique meld of the Trini Lopez Standard, the original ES-335, plus a lot of rock.

    The Dave Grohl ES-335 has a laminated maple top and back, with a solid maple core with cedar rim liners. The characteristic diamond f-holes and split-diamond inlays remain, as does the Firebird-style six-a-side peghead. Grohl rocks a little (OK, a lot!) harder than Lopez, so DG's ES-335 is boosted by Dave's preferred Gibson Burstbucker pickups: a #2 in the neck and a hotter #3 in the bridge.

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