• 2013 Tom Anderson Bulldog - USED


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    2013 Tom Anderson Bulldog Special  
    Desert Sunset
    Nut: 1-11/16"
    Scale: 24.75"
    Weight: 7 lbs, 2 oz
    Mahogany, Rosewood Fingerboard
    Chrome Wraparound bridge
    Buzz Feiten Tuning System
    PQ1 - PQ2 Black pick-ups
    Includes: Original Hardshell Case

    The Bulldog is a rare breed as it was only in production for a couple of years before Tom Anderson got sued by Gibson for certain likenesses to the Les Paul Junior. This guitar has a cult following as it is a fraction of the price compared to the Junior, while getting remarkably close to that well known tone. 

    From Tom Anderson's website: What do Soapbar-style pickups sound like? The longstanding benefit of a Soapbar-style pickup is that they produce a sound that lives between the weaker F-type, single coil and the fat focus of a humbucker, giving you a sound nothing else can quite achieve. So, think of the wide bandwidth that a single coil pickup delivers—low, lows and stringy, musical highs. Now tame those highs ever so slightly so there is no “shattering glass” timbre, just clear string clarity. Add big, booming lows and give it enough midrange girth to not be wimpy in any situation—but not so much that it is mid-only like a traditional humbucker. Not weak but not overly hot—big enough to be dirty when pushed through your favorite amp and pristine when backed off—without 60-cycle hum! How cool is that? You have the much-loved Soapbar tone at your fingertips.
    What’s the big deal? This coveted iconic musical “P” tone has not ever been achievable in a hum-canceling version—UNTIL NOW! Thanks to the Anderson PQ R&D department—real players jamming away until all hours of the night to bring P-performance under your control.
    Technically Speaking? How about precision polepiece alignment—means string and polepiece engage in maximum communication. Also, the height adjustment screws have been moved slightly outward for easier and intricate angling and height adjustment. 

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