• SOLD - 2013 Gibson Memphis ES-335 Luther Dickinson Signature - MINT


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    SOLD to Marc in Jacksonville, FL

    This 2013 Gibson Memphis ES-335 Luther Dickinson Signature is in Mint condition! 1 of 400. This one is LD-210.

    8 lbs, 8 oz

    The Gibson Memphis Luther Dickinson Signature ES-335 is dripping with late-'50s ES-335 vibe. Luther prefers the growl and bite of single-coil P-90s to the creamy thickness of humbuckers, so Gibson accommodated by fitting this axe with a pair of vintage-wound "dog ears" - just like on the original '335s. You still get the classic maple centerblock and laminated maple top, back, and sides; as well as a fast set neck of solid quarter-sawn mahogany, capped with a hand-selected dark rosewood fingerboard. Topped off with a Bigsby vibrato and luscious aged finish, you've got a winner: the Gibson Memphis Luther Dickinson Signature ES-335. 

    Gibson Memphis Luther Dickinson Signature ES-335 at a Glance:

    P-90 single-coils deliver the goods.
    The Gibson Memphis Luther Dickinson Signature ES-335 is fitted with two P-90 pickups. Gibson's first successful single-coil pickup, the P-90 can be heard on countless classic recordings. With its biting treble and high output, the P-90 cleans up nicely when you roll back your guitar's volume pot. And when you hit your amp hard, the P-90 really wails. It's an amazingly versatile pickup (more so, arguably, than most humbuckers). 

    Hand-crafted Gibson Custom quality gives you a one-of-a-kind instrument.
    Gibson's Custom Shop took extra care with every detail of the Luther Dickinson Signature ES-335. Every Gibson Custom guitar receives an ultra-precise Plek Pro setup, which optimizes the fretboard and results in incredibly accurate intonation. And cool touches like vintage-wound P-90 pickups and the incredible finish on this guitar not only sound and look great, they remain true to Gibson's heritage as one of America's premier musical instrument brands. 
    Nitrocellulose lacquer finish enhances tone and looks incredible

    The Gibson Custom Luther Dickinson Signature ES-335 wears a gorgeous nitrocellulose lacquer finish. 
    Nitro finishes - standard back in the day - are significantly thinner than today's polyurethane finishes, allowing the instrument to "breathe." Nitro finishes not only look authentically vintage - they also enhance the instrument's tonal qualities. 

    Gibson Memphis Luther Dickinson Signature ES-335 Features:

    • Maple centerblock and laminated maple top, back, and sides
    • Set neck made from solid quarter-sawn mahogany
    • Hand-selected dark rosewood fingerboard
    • Two vintage-wound P-90 pickups
    • Bigsby vibrato tailpiece
    • Custom "Jim Dickinson Burst" finish
    • Hardshell case and Certificate of Authenticity included
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