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    Ken Parker is the quintessential innovator.  He started his Parker guitars company in 1990 with Larry Fishman, of Fishman Electronics, and with his Parker Fly solid body series, has produced some of the best playing guitars on the planet.

    In 2005, collaborating with Fishman, he came up with the amplified acoustic "Event Series” incorporating a Fishman hum-cancelling magnetic pickup mounted through the top between the sound hole and heal of the fingerboard, and a brighter Acoustic Matrix piezo under the saddle.  Woods were sourced from around the world.  It is a virtual United Nations of woods!

    The Fishman electronics are well implemented and very easy to use.  Volume on the front, and blend, bass and treble controls on the side.  Even the knobs are well thought out - near flush design and with a rubberized finish.  The blend acts as a tone control given the different characteristics of the two pickups, but the sound is so well balanced that you set it at the middle notch and forget it.

    Plugged into a good acoustic amp - we recommend AER - the sound character is unique and excellent having an almost baritone warmth...  not treble muted, but deep, rich and resonant, with articulate highs.  D-standard tuning with 12’s works very well on this guitar and is recommended.

    Unconventional in shape but beautifully proportioned, the Rennaisance looks of this guitar always elicits an, “oh wow" on opening the case, and stands out from the usual Taylor you see onstage.

    The guitar is used, all original and in near mint condition.  Includes the original mat antique brown pebbled hide covered hard shell case, with dark green crushed velour interior and integrated matching satin shroud.

    Here are the details.

    • Nut and neck width at 0-fret: 1/32" less than 1-11/16”
    • Nut material:  Bone
    • Frets: 19, plus 0-fret providing even tone between open and fretted notes
    • String spacing at the saddle: 2-1/16” 
    • Saddle: Bone / compensated for good intonation
    • Scale length: 25.5”
    • Top: Solid Canadian cedar
    • Back: American flame maple solid w rosewood binding
    • Sides: American flame maple ply w rosewood binding
    • Neck: Indonesian mahogany with maple 5 piece
    • Head face: Rosewood veneer
    • Fingerboard: African ebony / abalone micro dots and edge markers
    • Neck shape: Slim to medium, with modest neck volute.
    • Rosette: Mexican abalone
    • Bridge: Ebony, in Ken Parker's bass balanced design
    • Hardware: Grover Sta-Tite 97 series open back tuners / polished gold
    • Outputs: 1/4” and XLR
    • Condition: Used, all original and near mint
    • Case: Original hard shell case, with dark green crushed velour and integrated matching satin shroud.

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