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    1998 Webber OM Sapele / Sitka
    "The Webber Orchestra guitar is a completely modern, evolutionary extension of a traditional, elegant design. Available in a cutaway version , this is perhaps the single best instrument for the musician who plays a variety of styles. The combination of a perfectly proportioned, medium-depth (4") 000 size body, with a dreadnaught-length scale, and scalloped & radiused bracing results in an exceptional guitar. The Orchestra Body offers sensitivity and balance for the fingerstyle specialist, projection and presence for the flatpicking lead player, and volume and tonal variety for the singer. The cutaway version, with its rounded, low-shoulder cutaway, captures a modern aesthetic but with an elegant appearance that avoids radical design excesses. Jazz and New Acoustic players find that the cutaway model offers all the tools they require--lush tone, superb balance from string to string, incomparable evenness of response up the neck, and effortless access to the highest frets. A cutaway Orchestra Model in a modern combination of materials, such as Western red cedar top and figured maple back and sides, offers a modern look and a virtually unlimited tonal palette--the ideal stage guitar for the musician creating his or her own style. The Webber Orchestra Body is a genuine recording-quality instrument and in the studio can be EQ'd virtually flat--an engineer's dream and professional player's best friend." - David Webber

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