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    1984 Fender D'Aquisto Elite Archtop Guitar

    From the first production year, this Fender D'Aquisto Elite Archtop guitar was made in Japan in 1984 in a close partnership with Jimmy D'Aquisto. 

    From archtop.com:

    "The single pickup Elite is the version most highly prized by jazz players, and the hardest to find. Produced in limited quantities in 1984, the model was reissued from 1989 to 1994. This guitar is from the first series, and features a number of D'Aquisto's signature designs, including the two point bound ebony pickguard, and Jimmy's specially designed Schaller pickup. With dimensions similar to the ES-175, the 16" body is comfortable to hold, with a sleek 2 3/4" body depth, and the 24 3/4" scale makes fast runs and stretch chords fall more easily under the hand. The laminated construction resists feedback at higher volumes and assists sustain as well. ... Jimmy's gift to the gigging musician, the D'Aquisto Elite is a superbly designed instrument at a working player's price."

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