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    1980 Gibson Les Paul Heritage 80 Elite

    It has been said that the Gibson Les Paul "got it's mojo back" with the release of the Heritage 80 Series. It was the beginning of the quest to harness the magic of the late '50s guitars that led to countless reissues and the Custom Shop extravaganzas of the present day. This Heritage 80 Elite, from the earliest production run, exemplifies how close they came, and also illustrates the difference between following the letter of the law as opposed to the spirit of the law: because though it may not be the most accurate reproduction, it is considered by many to be a guitar that comes closest in terms of sound and feel to the original Les Paul Standard. At a time when close to six figures is the norm, a price that is still within four is certainly worth considering.

    Some factor that make a difference: one piece mahogany neck and solid mahogany body under the quilted two-piece maple top, making for a hefty 10.3lbs; a neck shape and carved top that mimics the original in spite of a sharper horn on the cutaway; the Shawbucker pickups that were the first to use applied science to reproduce the early PAF pickups; Grover tuners on a smaller headstock tilted at the proper angle.

    Overall the Heritage 80s Series seemed to have been inspired by adherence to functionality rather than artifice in a desire to get it all right, and with this example they certainly did! The only misstep was that in trying to achieve the colour of the mahogany in the early models, the sequence of the application of the top coat caused the inked on serial numbers to fade prematurely. Gibson realized the problem and changed the protocol, but as one of the earliest models out of the Nashville shop, serial numbers and dates are obtained inside the pickup cavity.

    Maple top.
    Mahogany Body and Neck.
    Ebony Fingerboard.
    Nut replaced to bone.
    Grover machine heads.
    Nashville bridge.
    Tailpiece: Zinc (original)
    Shaw Bucker Pickups.
    Weight: 10.3 lbs ( 10 lbs 5 oz )
    Switch: Switchcraft
    Jack: Switchcraft
    Potentiometers: CTS (original)
    Capacitors: Neck, bridge (original)
    Nut: 1-11/16"
    Scale: 24.75"
    Saddle Spacing: 2"
    Includes: Original Hardshell Case

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