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All guitars are fully insured for shipping. We pack our guitars very carefully, and damage is very rare. 

CITES 101 for Buying Guitars Across Borders

by Jenn Ladd, Bluedog Guitars

An update to CITES regulations came into effect world-wide in January 2017, requiring all Dalbergia species including East Indian Rosewood and Cocobolo to have the proper permits when crossing international borders.

East Indian Rosewood is currently one of the most common woods used on bridges, backs and sides of guitars - so the majority of guitars now require a permit (remember, it's not just back and sides, but Rosewood on any part of the guitar - and this includes all guitars, electric or acoustic, new or old).

CITES is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, an international agreement between governments of 183 countries to ensure that international trade in wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.

The guitar building industry was an unfortunate casualty of these restrictions that were put in place primarily to curb the voracious Chinese furniture building industry, which has been decimating Dalbergia stock.

What this means for you, the guitar player, is: 
  1. You are allowed to cross international borders with your personal guitar without a permit, as long as it is not for commercial purposes (such as to sell it), and the weight of the Rosewood is under 22.4 lbs - so you require permits if you are taking a few guitars.

  2. If you want to sell your guitar across a border, you require a permit from Environment Canada (in Canada) or from US Fish and Wildlife (in the US) - or the guitar will be confiscated and destroyed. Permits cost up to $100 and can take 40 to 90 days (or longer).

  3. If you want to buy a guitar across a border from an individual or a guitar shop, ensure the seller has the proper permits or the guitar will be confiscated and destroyed. 

  4. Bluedog Guitars has received permits for our entire inventory of guitars, so we can ship world-wide with no waiting for permits. This took us a few months to get in place, but we are now shipping world-wide - safely and legally. We are ahead of many shops in the world, having our permits in place already! 

    Shelley Park at Shelley D. Park GuitarsKimberly Dalton at Huss and Dalton GuitarsCarolyn Sills at Santa Cruz Guitars, and Tom Bedell at Bedell Guitars have all been very helpful in guiding us through this complex journey to ensure our customers keep getting great guitars - legally! Thank you for your guidance!