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    The Limited Edition 6-String Baritone from Taylor Guitars! This guitar will open up a whole new sonic planet for you to explore! Really great guitar for men who sing and have difficulty finding their key in standard tuning. Every player needs something special like this in their quiver for solo shows, studio work and most definitely for wooing your significant other. It's affordable too!

    Taylor’s baritone guitars produce a husky voice (tuned to B) with loads of warmth, low-end richness, midrange growl, and treble presence. The lower register will appeal to singers with a lower vocal range, and the guitar’s voice adds a complementary acoustic texture for weaving bass lines with another acoustic guitar in a duo setting. 

    The mahogany top on this Special Edition baritone Grand Symphony evens out the dark, woody, warm character on the low end for a pleasantly balanced response. If you crave a fresh tonal palette to reinvigorate your playing or songwriting, this will make a great addition to your acoustic arsenal.

     A shaded edgeburst adds extra vintage appeal to the rich-grained mahogany top. Taylor’s natural-sounding Expression System® 2 pickup will capture that rich baritone depth for live settings.

    Non-cutaway Baritone 6-String Grand Symphony features solid Blackwood back/ sides, solid Mahogany top with shaded edgeburst, 27-inch scale length, and standard 300 Series appointments: Italian acrylic small diamond fretboard inlays, black binding, white/black top purfling, 3-ring rosette, all-satin body, Taylor nickel tuners, and Expression System® 2 pickup. This guitar includes a Limited Edition label and ships in a Taylor deluxe hardshell case. 

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